Devils Hollow Music Video Debut

My partner in love and music wrote this beautiful song, "Devil's Hollow," inspired by the place and stories of our hometown. You can now enjoy this tune and the place that inspired it in this new music video! Nat shares:  

"I grew up in the tributaries of the Benson Creek watershed and have spent a lot of time admiring the various communities that this land and water continue to support. My song Devil's Hollow was inspired by a history of humanity in this area - of people taking care of one another. It was also inspired by the forces, both biotic and abiotic, that have shaped this landscape for millennia. When I come to the confluence of the north and south fork, I am reminded of my insignificance. Water began sculpting these hills and soils long before humans came to reside here. Yet I am also reminded of how powerful human kindness can be. I have no doubt that humans will continue to live and care for one another amongst these hills for many generations to come. 

My good friend Zachary Mason made this video happen, but we were able to better do this landscape justice with the help of Daniel Evans and his flying camera. Devil's Hollow will be on my first album, which is a collaboration with my wife Jeri Katherine Howell. This project would not have been possible without the experience and artistry of Jordon Ellis, Ellie Ruth, or Nathan Link. We are very excited to share our finished album with you all in the coming months. 

In the mean time, enjoy the scenery." 

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