Senora May's Sweet Thing Jamboree

Steam Engine Pizza Pub, 206 Main St., Irvine, KY

A full day of music made by women in the Steam Engine Session Room brought to you by Estill County's own Senora May.

Anna Kline (of Grits & Soul) Melody Youngblood Luna and the Mountain Jets Jen Shouse Chloe Edmonstone Laura Gregory (of Handshake Deals) Tiffany Williams Jeri Katherine Howell Slut Pill Kelsey Waldon Senora May

This event is 16 and older. A full day pass allows unlimited re-entry.

No food or firearms are allowed in the Session Room.

Tickets on sale Friday, December 21, 2018 at 12:30 PM on Eventbrite. General Admission only. $20 online advance purchase. $25 at the door if available.